Thursday, 23 January 2014

Johnny Rockets : The All American Food Joint

More than a month has passed since the opening of a new food joint at the curve and still the crowd throngs to Johnny Rockets to have the taste of their burgers, sandwiches, shakes and pies.

Customers wait in long lines to get a taste of their food. So I obviously didn't want to be left behind. I visited the joint a week after its opening. I only got a seating after my third visit. Reason? The queue was too long and the kitchen couldn't handle that many orders.

Anyways, I got a seat at the bar which was great because I get to see the kitchen staff at work. I finally realised the problem. Their staff were all new and probably have not worked in food joint before. The staff who make the burgers are not fast enough to churn out burgers. Orders were mixed up and even bills were mixed up. I felt sorry for them.

The food in the menu looks good. Price from MYR8.90 above. The shakes I remembered were priced at MYR18.90 and above. basically its an all American eating place. Great ambiance (like something that came out from Archie's comic :D), great music, friendly staff (though they need to work on their taking order skills etc) aaaand great entertainment.

Yes sir entertainment. The waiters, including the ones standing at the door, entertains customers with dance performance every hour or so. It is a pre-requisite for anyone who applies for a waiter job there that they should be able to dance. Pretty cool. I love that the most of all. Here are some pics

Decorative jukebox on the counter

The real jukebox near the entrance

I can see Betty and Veronica sitting here

All in all it was a good experience. My friends had good time and good food there. I am sure the staff and service have improved. After all it has been up and running for more than a month now. I see tables outside the restaurant now so I guess the kitchen can now handle more orders which is good news to me.

Have you been to Johnny Rockets? Share your experience with me.